I'm Siti Nur Izzati, Ty for short. 20 y/o. I'm perfectly imperfect. Totally broken inside but try harder to rebuild myself. Thanks for those that keep supporting me, for those who keep critizing me also a big thankyou for your concern :) Keep enjoy reading, copycat are not allowed. Thankyouu :D


18 April, 2010

ahadd dtg lagy. !

warrgghh !
selalu nye ahadd hari ygg ak tguu3.
xp hari nieyy.ak still menunggu.
xp k0s0ng.blurr.b0red.
why. ?.why. ?.why ?
sumb0dy.plez save mee fr0m diz 'kebusanan'. !
i really need ur help.

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