I'm Siti Nur Izzati, Ty for short. 20 y/o. I'm perfectly imperfect. Totally broken inside but try harder to rebuild myself. Thanks for those that keep supporting me, for those who keep critizing me also a big thankyou for your concern :) Keep enjoy reading, copycat are not allowed. Thankyouu :D


13 September, 2011

For My Ten Minutes' Friend :)

Memalam buta nihh, tetiba ada benda yg saya rasa saya patot jelaskan disini.

I'm not STALKER, I repeat, I'm not STALKER.

I sincerely to be your friend, and I really mean it. Not because you're my BF's ex or whatever. I'm not going to influence youu by my words. It just my way to talk to others, not only youu. Please don't get me wrong, but youu do. If you're not comfortable to accept me as your friend, just let me know, dear. I'll not interrupt youu.

If I have bad inttentions towards youu, I'm not asking youu about yourself, but I'll keep asking youu about your past. But I don't. I don't asked youu anything about him, kan? I tahu youu pernah kena macam tuhh dulu, tapi I bukan macam tuhh. I pon pernah alami situasi yg sama macam youu, tapi I tak cepat melatah. I'm not going to blame youu, But, I really dissappointed with your status. Youu put me as your enemy.

Dear, listen here. I tak sejahat tuhh, I'm not that kind. Tapi, if youu set your mind that I'm pretend and I have bad inttentions towards youu, its up to youu. I've gave you right to judge me, either youu can trust me or youu won't. Do youu remember? and youu prefer the negative one, I don't have any objections with it.

I asked youu that do youu have any doubt towards me, and youu said no, you're not. But, can youu explain to me the meaning by your status? Am I youu mean it? yeah, I know I am. Dear, I don't mind if youu tell me the truth. The fact that you're not comfortable with me, I'll not interrupt youu and I'll go. No need to put your status that kind of hating me. Do youu copy?

I get it when I read the statement in your FB, I chose to stay away from youu because I don't want youu get me wrong. I've block youu. Sorry, dear. I have to because I have my own dignity. Youu put me on the wrong side and people will consider me that I'm evil-minded. Sokayy, I don't mind. Might be I mis-step to be your friend. I'm sorry. Thanks to youu for ten minutes friendship.


Bila saya cakap saya IKHLAS, saya betol-2 maksudkan. Boleh bedah hati saya, dan tengok ada tak niat jahat saya kat situ? kalau ada, anda boleh bunuh hati saya itu. Biar hati saya mati daripada menjadi hati yg busuk. Terima Kasih :)

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