I'm Siti Nur Izzati, Ty for short. 20 y/o. I'm perfectly imperfect. Totally broken inside but try harder to rebuild myself. Thanks for those that keep supporting me, for those who keep critizing me also a big thankyou for your concern :) Keep enjoy reading, copycat are not allowed. Thankyouu :D


03 August, 2012

I Did It Well :)

Okayyyy, take note everyone. I JUST MOVE ON. As his wish, he wanted me to stand by my own, look and make a step forward, don't ever turn back. That's what I have done just the moment.
The part I remember most is when I put all the things out started with necklace, fetter and the last one, the hardest part for me. To take the ring out of my finger. I took sometimes breath in and out, searched for some strength and Alhamdullillah I can do that.
After few hours, he crossed in my mind for a glance. I don't know why, but my tears were rolled down.
I woke up from the bed, but I got heavy headache. I clinked my eyes but I can see nothing, dark! When I opened my eyes, everyone were around me. Maybe its the value that I have to pay for moving on, walk away from him. After the incident, I feel that I already can rid out all the memories, all the things about him and for sure I succeeded remove him from my heart. 
That's what you really want, right? You can put smile on your face right now. 

And now, here the new Ty, the little girl who are stronger more enough :)

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