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08 December, 2011

My Days :)

Hey all! Baru sekarang ada masa utk update entry bergambar sebab gilaaa BUZY memanjang. Sumpah, taktipu.

Well, I've through the compact every single day.
Lectures, assignments, do the routine.

Morning until midnight .

I just got my bed 1am and above only.

So sadddd :(

But, I'm just fine with the all kind business. At least, i've filled my days nicely.

Here some pictures on the middle of stuck,

After done my routine, switch on my lappy and get crazy with this baby, KIKO :D

The day that I rushing back to Taiping to spent time with lovely family.

OnTheWay to SSL Traders Hotel, for attend a wedding.
#Wearing My Mum's kebaya when she's got married actually.

*Akibat tak bawak balek baju kurung :P

Release tension with them on the weekend when I'm not going back to Taiping.

Location; Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang, Ipoh.

Just it for now. Wait for next entry about our trip to Penang for assignment, okayy?

Note: Saya dahh letak balek awak dalam belog nihh, saya takpernah buang awak, okayy :)

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